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August 5, 2007
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Fiend Magazine: Fashion Pge. 6 by BeccyBex Fiend Magazine: Fashion Pge. 6 by BeccyBex
:iconmrgone: Photography & Post Production: Brent Leideritz

:iconnelliscarlet: Model and Stylist: Nelli Scarlet

:iconbeccybex: Make-Up: Moi

:iconcandycov3red: :iconteeething: Hair by X-LOX: Lyndall Vile & Lynn Nguyen

Fiend Magazine:…

Fan Art

by :iconlonelyjrocker:

by :iconmaximolutztattoo:

by :iconsaskielnorn:


This photo was on show in Brent's exhibition called "Real Women":

And for those who missed the show, there is an exhibition book on sale.
To order a copy click here --->

This work is registered and protected by 2009. All rights reserved.

All work in my gallery is copyrighted either to myself (Rebecca Holack) and/or to the photographers involved. None of the work may be reproduced, edited, published, transmitted, uploaded and used in any way, shape or form without my written permission and consent.
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Lovely look but oddly enough have you noticed that this look is available for characters made in the Guild Wars 2 character creation?
BeccyBex Nov 29, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes, they used my design and didn't ask permission or pay me one cent. My emails addressing the matter were ignored.
I am so happy to finally have find you. I originally came across the Beauty Is Pain photograph on Pinterest and have been in love with it ever since. I have tried every link trying to find the original creators and finally started following all the watermarks to finally find you. What an amazing piece of make up you created! Even though the photograph had a team of clearly talented artists, people don't appreciate the make up artistry let alone the all the work that goes into creating a whole new make up never done before. I feel you did this. Unfortunately because artists aren't always credited for their work, it took me a bit of work just to find you just to say "I love it" and "amazing job!" I have your photo saved on album on Pinterest and now that I know you did the work, I am going to go and edit my save and credit your work the way it should have been posted so others know who created the incredibly beautiful image. Thank you for contributing art that moves people.
BeccyBex Nov 2, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow, thank you so much for your lovely feedback and compliments.
Yes I'm afraid this particular work of ours has gone viral without much if any
credit to me or the rest of the creative team. But it is nice that it has
reached a wide audience all the same, even without my name attributed.
I try to educate people as much as I can to include artist credit when sharing
images on the net, especially if they re-create the make-up for their own folio or
tutorials as people like to do when starting out, and most definitely for copyright reasons.
Unfortunately not many have caught on to how important that is to the artist who
created the original. A lot of work goes into our creations and crediting us is the
least we ask for. I'm glad you get this simple concept. :thanks:

Thanks again for your kind words, you made my day! :D
Done and done. I credited everyone's work that you mentioned here. So now when ppl "like", "view" or "share" the photo on my Pinterest account, it will be known that you all created that original piece. And I meant every word. Still my favourite! :)
BeccyBex Dec 19, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
That's so awesome. On behalf of the team, thank you! :heart: :D
You're so welcome. Well deserved! :)
I've seen this on the net for so long, so glad to have finally found the original team members behind this awesome piece!!! :D

Absolutely beautiful xox
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